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Women's Beginner Backpacking

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Women supporting each other through backcountry adventures, making life long friendships.

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Meet Beth Jeffery
Founder of Cairn Connection


Hiking to Heal

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In 2014 I trained for 90 days to climb the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States. After completing the original SoCal Six Pack of Peaks and Mt Whitney in a day, I transitioned into backpacking.
Below are a list of my adventures:

2014 - 30 hikes and 300 miles:
The original SoCal Six Pack of Peaks and Whitney in a Day.

2015 - 59 hikes and 500 miles:
SoCal Six Pack of Peaks, Angel's Landing, 7 day Yosemite backpacking trip, Clouds Rest, 30 mile section of the John Muir Trail.

2016 - 100 hikes and 782 miles:
180 miles of the John Muir Trail, Mt Whitney,  100 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, Havasupai, and the Six Pack of Peaks. 

2017 - 110 hikes and 856 miles
Mt Shasta , the High Sierra Trail, Mt Whitney, Havasupai, and the SoCal Six Pack of Peaks. 

2018 - 52 hikes and 469 miles:
Mt Langley, White Mountain, 150 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, Trans Catalina Trail, Whitney x2, and the SoCal Six Pack of Peaks. 

2019 - 45 hikes and 650 miles:
Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa (19340 ft), Salkantay Pass and Machu Picchu, Mt Whitney 3x, High Sierra Trail, North Lake to South Lake Loop, 55 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, 5 Peak Mission Trails Challenge in a day, Mt Humphreys, and SoCal Six Pack of Peaks.

2020 - 270 miles of the John Muir Trail and R2R2R

2021 - Mt Hood, John Muir Trail, Mt Langley, Ice Climbing Ouray, Canyoneering Zion, Wonderland Trail, Half Dome. 

2022 - Mt Rainer, Mt Whitney MR, Colorado Trail, Mt Elbert, and Everest Base Camp.

2023 - Patagonia O Circuit and 1170 miles of the PCT

Snow Basics Class - Mountain Education 2016
Mountaineering - Shasta Mountain Guides 2017
CPR, AED, First Aid - Save a Life Educators 2018
Wilderness First Responder and CPR - NOLS 2019
AIARE Avalanche 1 certification 2021
Mountaineering - Timberline Mountain Guides Mt Hood 2021
Leave No Trace Trainer Training 2021
Wilderness First Responders Recertification 2021
Wilderness first responder Recertification 2023

My Why......

Hello, my name is Beth. On May 15, 2018 I came home from work to learn the most devastating news any mother could hear. My 21 year old son, Shamar, was in a fatal accident. I took 2.5 months away from work, planned his Celebration of Life, and tried to comprehend what happened. I was in a fog, my memory was gone to protect my heart and I showed signs of PTSD. I continued to put one foot in front of the other. After returning to work I was sad to move forward with life without my son. They say you shouldn't make any rash decisions the first year of a major loss, so I continued to go through the motions of this thing called life. I went to counseling, read books, and continued to hike.  I knew there was something out there bigger for me, and I needed to go find it. I always dreamed of teaching women backpacking skills and guiding trips, but I was too afraid to step out of my comfort zone. June 2019 I faced my fears, I gave my notice to a career I spent the past 20+ years building. August 2019 I took my Wilderness First Responders class and September I started my business Cairn Connection. 

Other Services

need a speaker on grief?

I can come tell my story about losing my son and how I used nature therapy to navigate my grief journey. Contact me for a booking. 

Looking for a training for your group?

I am a Wilderness First Responder, Snow Basics trained, Avalanche 1 certified, and Leave No Trace Trainer. I can teach backcountry basics. Let's chat on a class you want me to teach. 

Need someone to help plan your next backpacking trip?

I can coordinate your dream trip. I can help with permits, gear selection, resupply, food preparation, and itinerary. Contact me for more details. 

Need a guide for a trip?

I would love to accompany you on your next backpacking trip. I can obtain permits, plan the itinerary, help you train, and be there on the trail with you to add confidence on your trip. Contact me for details. 

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Catherine peterson


For those of you trying to decide if Cairn Connection Group is for you, I write this review: (First off, It doesn't cost anything to join. Most activities are totally free. The group leader, Beth, truly cares about our wellbeing and is definitely not doing this to get rich.) Also, Beth will help at all ability levels, from those who are just leaving the couch from sedentary lifestyles to those who already hike mountains. She is very patient, and kind. She equally helps each person at whatever level they are at and with equal respect, no judgement. Her goal is to help you soar as far as you are wanting to go and safely. Beth is an active member of the Riverside County Sheriff's Dept.'s Mountain Search and Rescue Team. She will teach you how to be safe. I joined over a year ago, but it seems like it's been much longer because I have done and learned so many things...I've learned of many hiking trails and places I didn't know existed, learned of gear that I didn't know about, best clothing choices for all situations, how to use microspikes, Snowshoes, ice axes, cross country skis, backpacking gear, rock climbing, even canoed the Colorado River, and more. I've lost count of how many mountain peaks I've climbed with her, including Mt Whitney. I've met so many wonderful people/now my friends of all ages with her group. There is absolutely no age-ism here. Beth has nurtured a warm, inclusive, inviting community here. I'm so very thankful for what Beth has created. I learned about Cairn Connection Group at a time when I needed it most, having lost my husband due to cancer, the same year she lost her only child, her son Shamar, to which this group is dedicated. Beth understands the challenges we face with grief, and anxiety about finding our new world without our much loved family member(s.) As one of the many caring group members, if this sounds like it's for you, I urge you to give it a try. You will not regret it at all.



This group is amazing! Beth is patient and helpful and a great listener while helping you hike up those hard mountains, reminding you it isn’t a race to be first, just to slow down and keep going. I have done a lot of hikes with her since last February and she has helped me do some hard hikes and reminds me how strong I am 😍. All the other women are so helpful, fun and kind too. Come out and hike and heal, you won’t regret it!